Mansfield Property Maintenance

    Planned Maintenance

    In the current economic climate, the cost of Reactive Maintenance is often an unexpected and unwelcome expenditure, which is difficult for any client to budget for accurately.

    Planned maintenance not only helps to effect a reduction in these costs, but extends the life of the building fabric whilst providing, in the majority of cases, fixed costs which can be incorporated into the appropriate budget.

    The main benefits of planned maintenance are:

    • The property is organised and maintained in a systematic, rather than ad-hoc, way

    • Building services can be monitored to assist their efficient use

    • The standard and presentation of the property can be maintained

    • Subjective decision making and emergency corrective maintenance are minimized

    Other Services

    • Reactive Repairs

      Unfortunately sometimes issues can occur within your company, if something should happen it would need to be dealt with as soon

    • Project Management

      In addition we can simply offer advice on a consultancy basis or management of the work in order to reduce your